Let's see if I remember how to blog…

Yep, just like riding a bicycle.

My blog buddies have been giving me a hard time so… to appease the natives of the blogosphere, I’M POSTING! Blowing the dust off my blog and shouting a big fat hello to my readers and letting you all know what I’ve been up to since neglecting my blog and my social media addiction.

I’ve been working.   Don’t laugh- I’m serious and I have proof:

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This was June’s earnings, from AdSense alone, and not including affiliate programs.  Amazing what you can do when you neglect your social networking and put off your travels for a few months.   So… Joe Swopes and Garry Conn, you can stop teasing me in your videos… for I have finally blogged. 😛

As for the future, I’m not certain how frequently I will blog on realbloggingtips.com.  After a small taste of public eye, I have decided I prefer hiding, playing with my blogs, and making more money online.  I do have one project I’m particularly looking forward to sharing… as many of you know, I coach quite a few people who are new to making money online.  I love doing this and nothing makes me happier than to see a new blogger make their first dollar and climb from there.  The only problem is, I’m finding myself answering many of the same questions again and again.  Hmm… not the most efficient way to spend my time.    Instead, I will be publishing a step by step-by-step coaching site detailing how I make money online.   No frills, no gimmicks, just strategies I’ve developed over time and tips from some really sharp bloggers (who incidentally think I’m out of my mind not to charge for this!  Bah- I’m doing it anyway!) I should have this site up and ready for reading within the next few weeks and will be posting related articles here periodically.  Be sure to subscribe to my RSS if you are interested.

Travels; you all know I’m a travel fiend and this time of year I’m usually hopping flights for the next few months.  Well, change of plans.  I’m still heading to the states for a month or so, but will be getting back to Puerto Vallarta as soon as possible.  The reason for this is, my fiance and I have decided to travel Europe for a while and hope to leave by the end of the year.   3 months here, 3 months there… we hear Carnival in Italy is fabulous.  Now who’s going to tell me where the best sushi is?  😀

Hello from San Francisco- and Hictu!

Alright, so I’m a little behind in my posts but I have a good reason, I promise.

Friday, I caught a flight to Blog Orlando- barely unpacked from the previous weekend at Blog World in Las Vegas. Blog Orlando was fantastic. Met great people, took in a lot of information, and laughed harder than I have in ages… alas, that is another post that will be coming soon.

I arrived in San Diego Monday night. Caught a flight to San Francisco from Long Beach, Tuesday morning (almost Tuesday afternoon as I missed my flight- love LA traffic! Keeps you on your toes!) So today is… um… Wednesday (yes, I had to actually check) and I am in San Francisco to meet with Luca Filigheddu, CEO of Abbeynet in Italy. Abbeynet is a leader of Italian VOIP services, including Sitòfono and the newly released beta, Hictu. If you haven’t checked out Hictu yet, I recommend you do. Think Twitter with video, audio, and image in addition to text plus the option for direct mobile messages. Hictu is still in the early stages of beta but after speaking with Luca (twitter.com/filos – tell him Jeni sent you 😉 ) I’m interested in seeing where this goes. Particularly since there is talk of revenue-sharing in the works and unique options for aspiring video bloggers. In fact, if you’re a bit of a card and not camera shy, I would recommend giving Luca a shout. Never know where that might lead.

Catching my next flight to Long Beach in… 6 hours. Outtie!