3 Questions… 7 Bloggers… A Short Glimpse Into Successful Mindsets

I recently decided that I would take a look at the blogs I enjoyed reading, and find out a few things about the authors. This is a short case study based on three questions asked to ten different bloggers from all across the blogosphere. Lets take a look at the answers as they may surprise you.

1.> How do you measure the Success of a blog?

A blog’s success can only be measured against the blogger’s goals for that blog.

While many automatically assume that ‘traffic’ is the key metric there are many metrics that could come into play including:

• RSS Subscribers
• Income Earned
• Length of Stay
• Comment Numbers
• Comment Quality
• Links from Other Blogs/Sites
• Being Featured on Social Media Sites
• Number of Sales of a product
• Number of consulting jobs landed
• Ranking in Search Engines
• Ranking in ‘lists’ (like Technorati’s Top 100)
• Awards
• Personal Satisfaction

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