10 Free Ways To Earn Online Without A Blog

I know this website is mainly about blogging tips but the techniques you learn through blogging or reading blogging tips can easily be applied to many other models to create income. Good thing for us, many of these other models can be done for absolutely free.

1. Ezine Articles.

Ezine allows you to add 2 links into your signature. Keyword research can be done using Google Keyword Tool and then you can get some affiliate links from a place like Clickbank, Neverblue or Pepperjam and host them on a free landing page set up on somewhere such as wetpaint, hubpages or blogger (ok, that counts as a blog!). You could also create a free report in the form of a pdf that could be downloaded. This could contain as many affiliate links as you see fit.

2. Hubpages

Hubpages allows you to create a “hub” where you can  write, add images, polls and many other modules. Some of these modules are monetized and they profit share. This includes Adsense, Ebay and Amazon. So again do the keyword research, get the visits in from the search engines and start making some sales and clicks.

3. Squidoo

Squidoo is very similar and older than hubpages but a little more strict these days. However play by the rule book and you can also take a slice of the pie from adsense and ebay. It’s not uncommon to earn $10-$15  a month from a middle level lens.

4. Associated Content

Associated Content offer small fees upfront for certain articles and pays over time depending on how many page views you get. It takes a while to get going but if you are a prolific writer then there is cash to be earned.

5. Youtube

If you think you can create some decent viral videos then you may be able to earn some cash from You Tube. You can try joing their Partner Program or if you get a decent viral vid they they may mail you directly about setting up adsense sharing.

Alternatively you can add affiliate URLs as comments to any videos that you make. If you are good at it this could work for product reviews or anything related.

5. Ehow

Ehow offers a revenue share on How To articles that you submit. They have good standing in Google so this could be a good way to start getting some quick revenue.

6. About.com

About.com offers writing gigs with great pay. They have a rigorous training and acceptance program but if you are up for the challenge then it’s worth going through the procedure.

7. Odesk.com

Odesk is an online portal for Virtual Assistants. You can register here and hopefully get hired to assist someone with their online edeavours. The pay for this varies but you may find something very suitable for you.

8. Istock.com

Like taking pictures? Well istock offer you to become a contribute. When you images get downloaded you get a percentage. You have to be a photographer of decent standard for photos or a good vector / 3d artist but people like me download images from there on an almost daily basis so I know the user base is there.

9. Flixya.com

Flixya is a kind of social media network that allows you to upload videos / photos and other things. They share 100% of their revenue with the users. This could possibly be a good alternative to using YouTube.

10. Let me know…

Ok this is blank as I want your input. Obviously I can list a few more but I want to know which sites and methods you have had good luck with and any advice you have for people looking to make non blog powered cash online.

Thanks for reading.