Time Management Makes Life Better

You Have not posted to your blog in over a day… You were late for work… You forgot to pickup dinner on the way home… Again… If only you possessed better time management skills you might be able to better organize youself to prevent this from happening while also maintaining a high level of effectiveness in everything you do.

We have all suffered from these situations at one point or another, and I am sure we all have taken notice to the self help industries answer. The answer is not a course or program which you will pay for it is simply taking the time to realize what is really important and spending your time wisely. Rich or Poor we are all given the same amount of hours every day to accomplish the tasks at hand. Today I want to talk with you about how I create an effective schedule and stay organized.

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Effectively Building Your RSS Subscription Numbers

Most bloggers are always, even if only in the back of their mind trying to find an effective and honest way to increase their own RSS subscription numbers. While this may prove to be one of the hardest aspects of writing and maintaining a blog I have decided to add a few extra ways to help you raise those numbers and meet your goals.

Today I am going to show you ten ways that you can easily and honestly raise that rss number. Keep in mind for the most part blog readers can be in a way very lazy. This is not to say the ones that have you book marked instead are worth any less than the ones which recieve your content via email or even rss. We all like to see numbers and equate success via our own personal goals so hopefully this will help you get over your latest rss number woes.

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3 Questions… 7 Bloggers… A Short Glimpse Into Successful Mindsets

I recently decided that I would take a look at the blogs I enjoyed reading, and find out a few things about the authors. This is a short case study based on three questions asked to ten different bloggers from all across the blogosphere. Lets take a look at the answers as they may surprise you.

1.> How do you measure the Success of a blog?

A blog’s success can only be measured against the blogger’s goals for that blog.

While many automatically assume that ‘traffic’ is the key metric there are many metrics that could come into play including:

• RSS Subscribers
• Income Earned
• Length of Stay
• Comment Numbers
• Comment Quality
• Links from Other Blogs/Sites
• Being Featured on Social Media Sites
• Number of Sales of a product
• Number of consulting jobs landed
• Ranking in Search Engines
• Ranking in ‘lists’ (like Technorati’s Top 100)
• Awards
• Personal Satisfaction

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Goals, Competions And Contests… They Do Work

Are you looking to make it over the next blogging milestone sooner rather than later? Have you tried everything? Try this magic blogging pill…

By setting a goal for your blog you set out to measure its progress. Offer a reward upon reaching the said goal. This promotes things two fold. Essentially you are showing that you want the blog to be more than it is and that you enjoy the sense of community which a blog can give its readers versus a static website. By offering a reward for this growth past the said milestone you are furthering this while also motivating your readers to participate in the growth of you blog. This is a win win situation. And these are the types of situations that the most successful blogs in all of the web create and take advantage of daily.

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In Case Of An Emergency… Be Prepared

While I would never wish any harm on any bloggers site, backups or content this does happen everyday. I have known a few bloggers to be completely wiped out from existence over this and as you can imagine they just did not have the heart to continue afterward. I wanted to take a post out on this matter and raise awareness that being prepared is in your best interest.

While some will go over the top with 3 off site back ups a day I feel that may be a little excessive untill your success levels are so high that you may lose your shirt if you were to otherwise experience any downtime at all. But since for the most part I feel like I am addressing blogs like my own we will deal with this in a more real world situation for now.

First install the db back up plug in for wp. Run it daily, have it auto sent to a sleeping gmail account. Also save it server side and if your nutty mail it to another account which is local to where you write your blog.

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