Five Fast And Hard Blogging For Cash Tips

I find it rather amazing at the very high percentage of blogs I am coming across that really think making money with a blog is very easy. While I will not argue a blog can have multiple streams of income with out proper exploitation just tossing up something without a lot of effort probably is not going to do a whole lot in the short or long term. This probably accounts for the majority of new blogs in many of the niches that I am participating in. While this type of competition really presents no challenge at all I feel I should take a day and cover a few basics for the beginning blogger who is blogging for profit more than anything.

Your blog is essentially going to end up being a reflection of who you are. Whether this is your online persona or your actual real life self is really up to you. You will ultimately get back what you put in and while you may be a newbie this still stands true. Along with all the other paradigm’s that reign true for blogging such as planning, deploying and maintaining a blog you will need to be extra vigilant as making your sole goal to make money will be difficult without focusing on the real details which makes most blogs survive and flourish.

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Technorati For Your Blog


Technorati at this point has indexed any blog which receives at least one hit a day, or so they say. Which at this point I will not argue with as they have breached the 14 million blog mark which is more than I will ever have time to see. If by some chance you are not familiar with Technorati then either you live under a rock, or you have just started blogging. To make a long argument short Technorati is the authority in the blogosphere at this point. While many have tried to copy none have come close. At some point if you watch your analytics for where your traffic is coming from you will see from time to time that you too receive a few visitors every now and again.

I also recommend you check out your niches competition on Technorati to see what your up against and find ideas for new post’s and maybe even a joint venture or two. If you take the time to search or just poke around I assure you that you will find some pretty awesome blogs you may have not found otherwise. Networking is a huge thing for the success of any blog.

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Blogging Tools

successEvery blogger that is serious and thinks about the end game needs a set of tools to succeed. The end game can be many different things for many different people, but for now lets not worry about what your goal is. Let’s get that blog up to par to help achieve your goals. This will mark an ongoing series of posts in the catagory of Blogging Tools. Keep your eyes out for these as they will all contain easy to use tools to improve your blog 100 fold.

The first little tool I will share with you is an excellent blog site load-time tester. This will give you an idea of what kind of overall shape your site is in. Generally a fast loading blog will be considered to be 5-7seconds. That is my opinion as I generally have a good assortment of plugins and javascripts to load. This being said if you load quicker than 5 seconds you probably have nothing to worry about in the load time department. My site is generally loading in 5-7 seconds depending on variables outside of my control.  But say a site like John Chow’s… loads generally around 15-20 seconds. This is something huge for a start up blogger to consider as most people will not wait 15-20 seconds on a new blog. Obviously JC is doing something right as he retains his traffic.

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Effectively Building Your RSS Subscription Numbers

Most bloggers are always, even if only in the back of their mind trying to find an effective and honest way to increase their own RSS subscription numbers. While this may prove to be one of the hardest aspects of writing and maintaining a blog I have decided to add a few extra ways to help you raise those numbers and meet your goals.

Today I am going to show you ten ways that you can easily and honestly raise that rss number. Keep in mind for the most part blog readers can be in a way very lazy. This is not to say the ones that have you book marked instead are worth any less than the ones which recieve your content via email or even rss. We all like to see numbers and equate success via our own personal goals so hopefully this will help you get over your latest rss number woes.

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3 Questions… 7 Bloggers… A Short Glimpse Into Successful Mindsets

I recently decided that I would take a look at the blogs I enjoyed reading, and find out a few things about the authors. This is a short case study based on three questions asked to ten different bloggers from all across the blogosphere. Lets take a look at the answers as they may surprise you.

1.> How do you measure the Success of a blog?

A blog’s success can only be measured against the blogger’s goals for that blog.

While many automatically assume that ‘traffic’ is the key metric there are many metrics that could come into play including:

• RSS Subscribers
• Income Earned
• Length of Stay
• Comment Numbers
• Comment Quality
• Links from Other Blogs/Sites
• Being Featured on Social Media Sites
• Number of Sales of a product
• Number of consulting jobs landed
• Ranking in Search Engines
• Ranking in ‘lists’ (like Technorati’s Top 100)
• Awards
• Personal Satisfaction

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