$5 A Day Adsense Site: Case Study – Part 3

Hi, welcome to part 3 of the $5 Formula Case Study. Before jumping into this part it’s a good idea to read the other parts:

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This case study is based on the absolutely excellent $5 Mini Site Formula by Josh Spaulding and the $5 Formula Video adaptation by Mark Mason.

Adding The Articles To The Site

I actually did this just over a week ago but have been struggling to get time to write this post. Simply I took the 6 articles that I asked the writer to write for the blog and posted them to the site with no images. I put them in some basic categories but did not add any tags, although can’t see a problem with adding a few.


Luckily in the last week Google has indexed my articles and even with no link building or anything I got my first click today… It was just under the $1 that we was aiming for (I hope this isn’t against Adsense T&C’s saying that!).

The blog is ranking on the 2nd page of Google for the main keyword “Effective Acne Treatment” so I am confident that after the articles are ranking that I can rank on page 1.

Submitting Articles to The Main Directories

The formula suggests that you submit half of your 20 articles to Josh’s top 3 directories. This may change in the future but right now Josh suggests: EzineArticles.com, ArticleDashboard.com, Amazines.com. In my experience Ezine is the brings the most traffic and the highest rankings.

Each article also needs an abstract that I quickly write. For example for the first article “Getting Rid Of Acne Scars, My Tips” the abstract is:

I had pretty bad acne as a teenager and this puts me in the position to give some great tips for getting rid of acne scars.

So read on and see how this article can help you…

Also probably the MOST important part is getting a decent signature. This appears at the bottom of the article and allows readers to click through and hopefully click on useful Adsense ads. Here is an example.

Get More Effective Acne Treatment advice including information on Acne Sulfur Treatment and much more.

I will probably keep this mostly the same for all articles sometimes changing the 2nd link to get link backs to all posts on the blog.


Submitting Articles to The Other Directories

After you have submitted your 20 articles to the top 3, The formula suggest that you take 10 of those articles and submit them to another 20-40 lesser directories. This is part of the formula that I have never strictly followed due to work load. However I bit the bullet and purchased an absolutely awesome product called Automatic Article Submitter by an Italin programmer named Milan.

I have set up roughly 50 directories using Automatic Article Submitter in a group. I chose them randomly from a list of hundreds taking directories with a PR of 3-5. I started with 50 as I think some directories may not accept the articles or work properly,,, no fault of the software.

Using the software I was able to set up accounts in about an hour and also it has a bulit in function to confirm all the emails that come through in one click. This feature is something I have seen no where else!

The software cuts down the time dramatically and makes the task easy.


I have only submitted 2 articles at time of publishing this article but over the next day or so I will get all 20 submitted and then we should start seeing results in a few days.

Link Building

The article submitting should take care of most of the links we need but I will also just add a few links to the blog from some of my sites and link swaps. The formula does not say to do this but it can’t hurt and it’s just common sense.

That’s about it for today. The formula is pretty much complete so just waiting for the results now….