Product Review: Special Offer Manager

Let’s face it we are all looking for ways to increase our click-through’s for increased sales on our products. This being said today I have decided to review the “Special Offer Manager”. Lets crack this puppy open and see what it’s made of.

First thing we are going to notice of course as with anything is the name “Special Offer Manager”. Seems innocent enough. Short, sweet and to the point. Let’s keep digging and see what we find. After the initial download of roughly 1Mb it seems we are ahead of the ball. Already we own the sales page and script. And for $3.00 who could complain. This is a well laid out and well written sales pitch here. Easy to read, and if this trend continues should be easy to use.
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Monday April 7th, 2008: Big Ben Patton launches his blog to the Blogoshpere!

First off I would like to thank the people over at for helping me get excited and motivated enough to set this up. I am very excited to now be able to share my list mailings as well as a few other very nice tidbits which we will reveal later. I also want to thank the, for giving me some newbie pointers and tips to help keep me on track.

These are exciting times. I have much work ahead to streamline this blog and build my readership, but alas do not fear as the ever so desired content is incoming very shortly.

What to do When Affiliate Programs Don't Pay

It is incredibly disappointing when an affiliate program fails to pay it’s publishers. Not only because the publisher doesn’t receive money hard earned, but because it’s a failure of the entire affiliate system.For the past 4 months, I have been attempting to contact GTA Hotels regarding an unpaid commission. Not only have they not paid, but they have not bothered to respond to a single email or phone call. Bummer for me. Even bigger bummer for them and now I’ll tell you why. When I find an affiliate program that pays, I aggressively market them on 1 to 20 of my websites. So in this instance, this advertiser chose to keep their commission on a $500.00 sale, but at the cost of thousands in potential sales.

When I first sign up for an affiliate program, I immediately check their terms to see if they permit their publishers to purchase using their own affiliate links. With GTA Hotels, for example, this was not only allowed, but suggested, in their affiliate contract. The following week, I booked my hotel for a 4 star San Francisco hotel through their site. A few weeks passed and no record of the commission. 1 month passed and I sent an email. No response. I sent 3 more emails. No response.

Well, since the amount would be less than $100 USD, it obviously isn’t worth my time to pursue this further. What I prefer to do instead is this: First, I immediately opt out of their affiliate program, removing any and all links and emailing them as to why. Then, I contact commission junction (if applicable) to let them know of my reasons for dropping their advertiser. Finally, I head over to Affiliate Scout ( and a few other affiliate review sites and share my experience with them. Note that I do not do this out of spite, but rather to offer fellow publishers a heads up that something might be fishy with this particular affiliate program. And finally, in the case with, I am using them as an example on what to do when an affiliate program doesn’t pay so at least something good comes from this!

If anyone else has tips for handling non-paying affiliate programs, by all means share them below. In the meantime, here is a YouTube video by Shawn Collins on the subject. Happy earning!

AdSense Beginners… 6 Figure Inspiration from ShoeMoney

Jeremy Shoemaker BIG AdSense Check

“My Biggest Google Adsense check for $132,994.97

This was the bigest paper check I have ever recieved. It was way back in August of 2005. 100% of this income was earned with organic seo. I had not heard of search engine arbitrage at the time and did not buy traffic from MSN Yahoo or Google itself. I did that about 1.5 years later ;)”

Getting started with AdSense can sometimes take patients. Maybe this image from Jeremy Shoemaker may just give you the inspiration to work harder, smarter, and with confidence that your big AdSense check is on its way!