Info Product Success Formula, Is It Any Good?

Before I even explain what the Info Product Success Formula is and what it contains I’ll cut to the chase and answer the question….

Yes the Info Product Success Formula is Very Good…. Now I have that bit of information out of the way I better tell you a little more about it and why I have come to this conclusion.

What is the Info Product Success Formula?

It’s the latest info product offering from Josh Spaulding. As you may know I praise Josh Spaulding a lot as I am a member of his private forum and he has helped me personally on many occasions. As soon as he released this product a few weeks ago I snapped it up.

The Info Product Success Formula is Josh’s exact formula that he say’s he has been using to launch all his info products in any niche. Following the formula every exactly should by Josh’s reckoning mean success for just about any info product that you decide to work on and promote.

The book takes two routes and explains them in high detail. As the sales page says:

Path #1 concentrates on establishing and/or maintaining an authority presence in a niche. It doesn’t matter if you already have a presence in the niche or not! You’ll be integrating info-products into your niche, build credibility and most important make LOTS of money!

Path #2 concentrates on marketing to small niches! If you’re a niche marketer, or plan to become one in the future, this is the path for you! With this path you’ll be finding info-products that are already created for you and you’ll leverage that content to build a list, make direct sales and create a long-term sales funnel! The great thing is you can do the Formula over and over for each and every niche you target!

I purchased this ebook the night before I left the UK and flew to Egypt. As I was quite eager to read it I made sure that my laptop was fully charged and the pdf was on my desktop waiting for me to open up and start reading in the airport.

Sitting in Luton Airport has never been so pleasurable! I sat down in a little comfy seat and started reading the book. An hour later it was time to get on the plane…. much to my annoyance! As soon as I was settled on the plane I continued the reading until I had read cover to cover and gone back over a few of the sections.

This formula is solid as far as I am concerned and I am very much looking forward to roaming into the world of info products to see how I can do. With this formula I am pretty sure I can succeed.

…. Any negatives?

Like all ebooks they can’t make the money for you. Josh has supplied his solid formula in very good detail. It works for him and he knows his stuff… But you have to be willing to work hard and take a few hard knocks from time to time to make sure you succeed too. He makes no illusions that you will have to work hard but he also repeatedly says that he is confident that if you follow the formula exactly that you will rarely fail.

How can you be sure Josh is giving his actual formula?

Well we can’t. However Josh is now making most of his cash (as far as I am aware) from teaching us what he did to make it big as an internet marketer. He worked from the bottom up like all of us and does not mess around with crappy promotions just for cash. If he releases a crappy formula that does not work then his repuation will drop and people will stop buying thus destroying everything he has worked hard for.

Go get your free chapter NOW (Limited Time Only).

Go on over to the Info Product Success Formula sales page now and grab your free chapter so you can decide for yourself what it is like.

Also, as with all of Josh’s products, you have a no questions asked 30 day money back guarentee.

What have you got to lose?

If you have read the formula or do purchase it on my recommendation then I would absolutely love to hear what you think of it.

Also any questions and as usual I will give you my honest answer.

Thanks a million,


$5 A Day Adsense Site: Case Study – Part 3

Hi, welcome to part 3 of the $5 Formula Case Study. Before jumping into this part it’s a good idea to read the other parts:

$5 A Day Adsense Site: Case Study – Part 1

$5 A Day Adsense Site: Case Study – Part 2

$5 A Day Adsense Site: Case Study – Part 3

$5 A Day Adsense Site: Case Study – Part 4

This case study is based on the absolutely excellent $5 Mini Site Formula by Josh Spaulding and the $5 Formula Video adaptation by Mark Mason.

Adding The Articles To The Site

I actually did this just over a week ago but have been struggling to get time to write this post. Simply I took the 6 articles that I asked the writer to write for the blog and posted them to the site with no images. I put them in some basic categories but did not add any tags, although can’t see a problem with adding a few.


Luckily in the last week Google has indexed my articles and even with no link building or anything I got my first click today… It was just under the $1 that we was aiming for (I hope this isn’t against Adsense T&C’s saying that!).

The blog is ranking on the 2nd page of Google for the main keyword “Effective Acne Treatment” so I am confident that after the articles are ranking that I can rank on page 1.

Submitting Articles to The Main Directories

The formula suggests that you submit half of your 20 articles to Josh’s top 3 directories. This may change in the future but right now Josh suggests:,, In my experience Ezine is the brings the most traffic and the highest rankings.

Each article also needs an abstract that I quickly write. For example for the first article “Getting Rid Of Acne Scars, My Tips” the abstract is:

I had pretty bad acne as a teenager and this puts me in the position to give some great tips for getting rid of acne scars.

So read on and see how this article can help you…

Also probably the MOST important part is getting a decent signature. This appears at the bottom of the article and allows readers to click through and hopefully click on useful Adsense ads. Here is an example.

Get More Effective Acne Treatment advice including information on Acne Sulfur Treatment and much more.

I will probably keep this mostly the same for all articles sometimes changing the 2nd link to get link backs to all posts on the blog.


Submitting Articles to The Other Directories

After you have submitted your 20 articles to the top 3, The formula suggest that you take 10 of those articles and submit them to another 20-40 lesser directories. This is part of the formula that I have never strictly followed due to work load. However I bit the bullet and purchased an absolutely awesome product called Automatic Article Submitter by an Italin programmer named Milan.

I have set up roughly 50 directories using Automatic Article Submitter in a group. I chose them randomly from a list of hundreds taking directories with a PR of 3-5. I started with 50 as I think some directories may not accept the articles or work properly,,, no fault of the software.

Using the software I was able to set up accounts in about an hour and also it has a bulit in function to confirm all the emails that come through in one click. This feature is something I have seen no where else!

The software cuts down the time dramatically and makes the task easy.


I have only submitted 2 articles at time of publishing this article but over the next day or so I will get all 20 submitted and then we should start seeing results in a few days.

Link Building

The article submitting should take care of most of the links we need but I will also just add a few links to the blog from some of my sites and link swaps. The formula does not say to do this but it can’t hurt and it’s just common sense.

That’s about it for today. The formula is pretty much complete so just waiting for the results now….

$5 A Day Adsense Site: Case Study – Part 1

In this case study we plan to use the information provided in Josh Spaulding’s excellent report $5 Mini Site Formula and the awesome video adaptation by Mark Mason. So before we begin, make sure you download the report and check out the $5 Formula Video so that you have an idea of what we are following and aiming for.

Update: Here are the other parts of the case study so far:

$5 A Day Adsense Site: Case Study – Part 1 – This Part

$5 A Day Adsense Site: Case Study – Part 2

$5 A Day Adsense Site: Case Study – Part 3

$5 A Day Adsense Site: Case Study – Part 4

The basic principle is to build a niche website and use article marketing to drive traffic to the site in order to make approx $5 per day in adsense revenue.

Josh’s formula is a guide. Occasionally sites will not perform as well as $5 per day and sometimes they will far exceed that. This live study will hopefully be successful but is subject to sabotage as I will be revealing all my keywords before they are written in articles and published…. so please if you want to benefit from this…. DO NOT SABOTAGE…. pretty please 🙂

Step 1 – Find a niche

What on earth do we write about? There are literally thousands of niches available but we want one that hopefully pays over a $1 per click…. So to find one I am heading over to Spyfu will tell us what the advertiser is paying Google for every click that an ad related to a certain keyword. This means a little guess work is needed on our part as Google obviously take a cut of the revenue and only pay you part. Ideally you need to find a niche (and it can be almost any niche) that costs the advertiser over $1 per day…. Right back to niche finding….

Okay back now, it’s weird blogging as I do this research!

After trying out a few subjects and doing a quick cross check with Google Keyword Tool, to make sure there are plenty of longtail keywords, I have settled with the main niche of Acne. Take a look at the screen shots below to see the projected advertiser cost per click.

acne acnecure acnetreatment

In this case we are looking at rough range of $0.90-$8.00 so I would like to say on average that we should be able to get $1 per click from this niche but that is just my guess.

Step 2 – Get 26 Keywords

This step is very important and you could spend all day analyzing and reviewing pages but the formula gives a simple and quick approach that is highly successful. I make a table containing 26-30 3 or more word keyphrases (long tail keywords) within the range of 1500-2500 searches per month, all with a top 10 pagerank average of less than 3 and for this experiment I will also show their search numbers.

As these keywords will all be used for articles you want keyphrases that sound like people searching for them would like to read an article on the subject. How To’s and general guides work well.

Below you will see my table of keywords found using Google Keyword Tool and Google Insights. I used SEO for Firefox to display the page ranks for the top 10 Google search results. To get the average just add them together and divide by 10.


After doing this research I’m pretty happy with the results of this case study so far. Acne seems like a good niche and should be fairly easy to get high quality articles for and I have at least 30 decent keyphrase possibilities.

In Part 2 of this case study I am going to set up the site, choose keyphrases for the site and for articles and start getting the articles together.

Enjoyed the case study so far? I suggest you scrub up on the process we are following. Go Download the FREE $5 Mini Site Formula and watch the $5 Formula Video NOW!

I also highly recommend personal coaching from the original writer of this formula. I’m an active member so come and say hi :). Check out Coaching With Josh.

$5 Bill Image Credit:

Musically Motivated Monday – Show Me The Money!

I am now officially a Nomad! After leaving Canada and being away from the UK for two years I have no country of residency! I am still a British citizen so regain residency on entry…. but I won’t be back until July! Until then I will bask in the freedom of being a hobo!

Vermont, USA (where I am currently pitching my nomadic backside) is beautiful. I started off the long week ahead with a nice run to clear the last of the Montreal City air from my lungs. Sadly I also had to turn back as a dog wouldn’t let me pass it’s house on the road! I have now worked out a route around him….

So clear lunged and ache legged I start this week ahead by intending to start “Showing you the money” by backing up the video pushed in the last post about the Free $5 Formula Video and aim to start a case study this week for everyone to follow along.

I also purchased a so far excellent report from Pot Pie Girl that I intend to dissect, test and then bring you guys an honest review…. hopefully with my recommendation. If you want to check out the report before I review it then follow this link: One Week Marketing.

So what music is inspiring me this week?

What do you think of Bloc Party then?

Let me know how you are doing this week.



250GB Of FREE Storage Space

That’s right while making my usual rounds I came across one heck of a deal for us bloggers and social media users. All of us can use a little extra hosting space for something these days. I hope everyone enjoys this gold nugget of a find. Thanks to Grahm for emailing it to me! was created as a fresh alternative to sites like MegaUpload and RapidShare. Unlike those sites, we do not reel the user in and make them wait for annoying countdown timers. We do not hide the download link with aggressively placed ads. Their goal is simple, to offer the most basic file hosting and image hosting service so you can share your stuff quickly.

Continue reading “250GB Of FREE Storage Space”