Finally Write That Ebook – Free Report

I have been considering writing an ebook for a very long time but have been finding excuses, putting it off for other work and just in the long run, not doing it!

In November Ruth from the excellent blog Web Career Girl set herself a challenge to write 50,000 words, and guess what, she did it and with a little time to spare.

Part of that 50k word goal was to outline and lay down the first drafts for 4 ebooks that she will be using for various projects. 4 ebooks in 1 month! That is quite an achievement!

I’m sure like me you would love to complete even just one Ebook in a month so drawing on her experience Ruth has put together an absolutely excellent and completely free report detailing how you can write that ebook that you have been putting off.

Now if you want to get this report right now then just sign up to the mailing list below (This is Ruth’s list, I offered to host a form on this post) or if you need a little extra help before downloading then visit her latest post:
Finalising Your eBook Writing Action Plan – My Template

Google Wave Invites – 25 To Give Away….

Sorry I missed Monday’s post, you know…. Same old excuse that I was busy :).

Anyway I have been making use of Google Wave in the last few weeks and I have to say that I really like it.

As I have been mentioning, I have been working on a lot of projects with other people so have been using Waves in place of email to keep up to date on things and keep organised central copies of job lists and related materials.

Wave keeps one editable copy of your file on their server. So rather than having to mark off items from a list and then resend a new email out to my partners, I can now edit one central file.

Also I am keeping track of some of my own websites on there, writing keyword lists, notes and more. Just to help with motivation I am even sharing these progress reports with some of my close online buddies.

In short, Wave is useful.

So do you want in?

Great, well I have 25 invites to give away so the first 25 people to comment here, asking for an invite, gets a wave invite. Make sure your email is attached to your name so I can mail you the invite.

If you are already on Wave, come and say hi. My Wave email is:

Also let me know what you think of it.

Musically Motivated Monday – Waiting On The World To Change

This last week has been busy as normal with moving and selling a few sites, some client work and plans for December. I want December to be a good month before the January / February blues sets it! Usually these months are quiet for me on the client and site selling front but I will make sure I stay just as busy readying my own sites for March when things start to pick up again…. But who knows this year may be different!

Anyway this weeks Musically Motivated Monday comes with an important message. One of my readers called Sandy asked me to post it. This version of the song “Waiting for the World to Change” has an accompanying video with deaf people signing the lyrics and interesting snippets showing how discriminated the deaf have been throughout the years….. This is why I love the internet, for many deaf people it’s helped closed the gap slightly as you cannot make a pre-assumption about a person based on their hearing or anything else. Knowing Sandy personally I can tell you that her deafness does not affect her wittiness or intelligence one little bit!

The video is a bit “Early 90’s” but the message is solid.

Let me know how you are this week.

Musically Motivated Monday – I Want A Gun!

Hey everyone,

I don’t actually want a gun… Just didn’t really know what to put as the tagline today and it’s a lyric from the song today :). Plus I knew it would get you to read it ;).

I’m going to sound like a corrupted mp3 here (or a broken record if you are Old Skool!) but I have been very busy again the last few weeks and missed last weeks MMM.

There are some good things coming up for this blog which will involve more than just me rattling on about this and that so I am excited to see how you guys like that. I also managed to push my first PLR product and even offered it as a WSO (Warrior Special Offer). You can check out the PLR product here: Your Own Organic Niche Site + Bonuses for $19.75 (Only 20 For Sale) but you can actually get it cheaper for the Warrior forum for a limited time too. The link is here: *FIRST 5 FREE* Hot Organic Niche Limited PLR – Custom WordPress Theme – 10 Unique Articles & Bonuses.

I also managed to sell about 5 sites and was forced into purchasing a new MacBookPro so all has been quite hetic!

Enough self pimping done! How are you guys doing, i’d love to know.

This weeks song is brought to us by the absolutely awesome Polly Jean Harvey. It’s called Big Exit… I hope you like it.

Using Your Powers For Good!

Sorry for missing Monday’s post! My trusty old mac finally gave up on me and I have to rush out to get a shiny new MacBookPro…. Sad spending money but the machine is awesome! Anyway onto the post!

Most people who read this blog have some good blogging knowledge and can do their bit to customize and market blogs and web pages. Some of you are even great copywriters, designers and more.

We have all aquired an excellent skill set from our online endeavors, stuff that many people have absolutely no idea about.

So what are we to do with this knowledge and skill?

The first thing I use my skills for is making me money, working online has become my full time job and I am very grateful for this. I am one of the lucky few. However making money is something I do mostly out of necessity. To be honest if I didn’t need money it’s unlikely that I would be working so hard to make any, that’s just me as I am not after riches or a life of absolute luxury.

One thing that is important as a goal for my life is to feel that I have given something of worth back to this harsh and hard world. Things just are not nice out there, wars, recessions and death of all kinds everywhere. I’m not saying I hate life or anything just that it’s not all pretty. The millions of awesome people out there need to be given props too, they make the good part of this world even more awesome.

Ok, enough of that blabber, i’ll get to the point.

I (we) have skills that are hard to get a hold of. My money making side of things is laid out as well as it can be so if I want to give something back to the world I figured it would be good to offer some of my skills.

Last week I went to a Camel Market here in Egypt with an Egyptian group called SPARE (Society for the Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt). The idea was to go and film and document some of the unneeded abuse that is happening to the poor camels so that it could be made into a bigger public issue.

Animals Rights is by no means top priority for most Egyptians but it’s something I care greatly for. SPARE are also in dire need of increasing their web presence, especially when it comes to appealing to young Egyptians…. So this is where I thought I could come in.

None of the members of SPARE know anything about Social Media or Blogging so I agreed to offer my services to help them build a blog, a Youtube presence and more.

So lucky me, I found a way to use my skills for good, help acheive some personal goals and my Karma.

What Am I Trying To Say?

I am not saying you all have to volunteer free services to a local charity, but if you want to then just do it!

You can use your skills in many ways, just be creative. For example your mum, dad, aunt, dog, cat may have wanted a blog for a while. Find the time and help them set one up, show them the ropes. If a friend is low on money, help them make an adsense blog, possibilities are endless.

All I am saying is take stock of the awesome things you have and then make sure you don’t keep it all to yourself, your Karma will thank you!

Thanks To Ruth (Web Career Girl) who’s post “What Are Your Personal Goals” inspired this post.