Live with Joel Comm

Let me tell you what a cool guy Joel Comm is! It’s 10:50 am on Wednesday morning and NormalJoe ( and I are chatting live with Joel Comm and a few other lucky people. Ha! Joel Comm answered my question and gave me a “BrilliantJeni” shout out which made me laugh. He also shot me a private message related to one of my questions. What a great way to start a morning.

So one of my questions was about how to identify trends for niche website opportunities. I was a bit surprised when Joel said he used nothing fancy- good old Google Trends, Google Zeitgeist, and “going into stores and asking staff about trends in whatever topic.” That last one might just be a brilliant idea.

Other tips from Joel- get off Suggested WordPress.
Captain Pajamas, Get free copy of “Top 1%” report from Joel on his site.
And of course, order Joe Comm’s new book “Click Here to Order” which you can read about on (best review I could find so I’m sharing!)

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