How to Think Like a Successful Blogger

I started blogging in 2005, when my first goal was to make $33 a day.  It took me over 2 years to become a 6 figure blogger and when I hit that mark, my next goal was to hit 6 figures a month and go on a hiatus.  About 3 years ago, I was coming up on that goal and I decided I had earned my hiatus- I did what many of you have told me you would do;  I went on an extended vacation!  I gave myself a year to travel the world, spend whatever I wanted, and do whatever I wanted.  I have photos of me riding a camel next to Harry Dent in Egypt, watching the Australian Grand Prix from the garage of the Pramac team, and lunching on the Nile in a falluca (how do you spell falluca? why doesn’t WordPress have spell check yet?) courtesy of Tony Robbins.  I took private jets, private helicopters and limousines.  I drank warm wine in Dubai, shopped in London, and spent a month on Tony’s island in Fiji before touring Australia… and then I rented a summer castle on the coast of California.  That one year hiatus, turned into 3, and it has been the most amazing time of my life… and the most eye-opening, with insights as to why I was able to work for such a short spell, and automate a system that has made me millions while I continued to travel the world.

My biggest revelation was realizing the real reasons I became so successful.  It’s not because I mastered complex blogging strategies, and it’s certainly not because I know more than God and Google about the internet.  It’s simple;  I have a specific set of belief systems that lead me to some very impressive results, and I don’t just mean financial.  It’s the way I approach blogging and internet marketing that is the real magic and it’s really all you need to be a successful blogger yourself.My top 3 Beliefs that Make me a Successful, 7 Figure Blogger

1.  Goals are a necessity.

At least once a day, I think about the type of life I want, and then I set a monetary number that I would need to have that lifestyle.  Back when I started, that number started at $33 a day, enough to cover my rent (I was living in Puerto Vallarta at the time, rent was cheap)  Now, that number is over $1,000,000 a month. Every time I hit a goal, I raise the bar.  I always make sure my goals are positive, and I repeat them as often as possible to stay focused.

2.  It’s all about serving.

My 80/20 principle:  I believe it’s 80% about serving and adding value, 20% about making money.  This is my magic formula for making easy money blogging while feeling that warm tingle, knowing you are helping millions… and the latter becomes more fulfilling than the money.   When you really understand what your readers want and need, everything becomes easy; quality content flows causing raving fans to increase… and they’re eager to buy or subscribe because they know your intentions are genuine and you would ONLY offer something that would truly serve them.  This principle alone is without a doubt, the most important blogging strategy I could ever offer.

3.  There’s always a way.

how-to-bloggerOne of the great things about blogging, is that there really is always a way to make something work.  Earlier today, I modified 3 WordPress plugins to make my blog do something after realizing there wasn’t already a plugin to do that.  When I realized the plugin didn’t exist, I didn’t say, “oh, damn, there’s no plugin for that” and give up.  I asked myself, “Ok, no plugin exists so how I can I make this work anyway?”  WHEN you hit a road block, don’t stop and don’t turn, go right over the fricking thing!  Get in the habit of asking the question;  “How can I make this work anyway?”  There is ALWAYS a way.

These are just a few of my basic principles that have served me well.  I have been asked to write a book covering this topic and believe me, I could write pages.  So, until I have that “how to think like a successful blogger” book out, I recommend applying these principles to your own blogging strategies to get started.  Feel free to let me know how they are working out for you and as usual, feel free to ask questions below- always happy to answer comments or email.

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”  -Albert Einstein

Happy Blogging!

Finally Write That Ebook – Free Report

I have been considering writing an ebook for a very long time but have been finding excuses, putting it off for other work and just in the long run, not doing it!

In November Ruth from the excellent blog Web Career Girl set herself a challenge to write 50,000 words, and guess what, she did it and with a little time to spare.

Part of that 50k word goal was to outline and lay down the first drafts for 4 ebooks that she will be using for various projects. 4 ebooks in 1 month! That is quite an achievement!

I’m sure like me you would love to complete even just one Ebook in a month so drawing on her experience Ruth has put together an absolutely excellent and completely free report detailing how you can write that ebook that you have been putting off.

Now if you want to get this report right now then just sign up to the mailing list below (This is Ruth’s list, I offered to host a form on this post) or if you need a little extra help before downloading then visit her latest post:
Finalising Your eBook Writing Action Plan – My Template

Google Wave Invites – 25 To Give Away….

Sorry I missed Monday’s post, you know…. Same old excuse that I was busy :).

Anyway I have been making use of Google Wave in the last few weeks and I have to say that I really like it.

As I have been mentioning, I have been working on a lot of projects with other people so have been using Waves in place of email to keep up to date on things and keep organised central copies of job lists and related materials.

Wave keeps one editable copy of your file on their server. So rather than having to mark off items from a list and then resend a new email out to my partners, I can now edit one central file.

Also I am keeping track of some of my own websites on there, writing keyword lists, notes and more. Just to help with motivation I am even sharing these progress reports with some of my close online buddies.

In short, Wave is useful.

So do you want in?

Great, well I have 25 invites to give away so the first 25 people to comment here, asking for an invite, gets a wave invite. Make sure your email is attached to your name so I can mail you the invite.

If you are already on Wave, come and say hi. My Wave email is:

Also let me know what you think of it.

Sell Your SIte For More – Great Video Tips

Hey Everyone,

I sent info about this to the mailing list already but thought it would be a good idea to write up a post too.

If you are selling websites already or looking to sell one of your websites then inevitably you want to get as much money for it as possible. I know I have been ramping up my sales recently and really want to maximize my profit so that I can ultimately concentrate on bigger more detailed sales.

CJ Parker, an Aussie bloke wrote a great ebook about ways to increase the sale prices of your sites and I read that just last week. It was a great read so when this his new site popped up I was curious to take a look. And now he has released the first of a set of great videos showing some of his tips for how you can sell your site for more.

The first video shows 3 great tips, one I had never thought of and will DEFINITELY be trying (Look out for Tip #2). Also a 2nd video is being realeased today so I am really looking forward to that.

So go watch the video: Sell Your Site For More.

I would tell you the techniques but that’s not fair as he seems like a really nice bloke and is collecting optins for a future product launch…. but these videos are 100% free and it’s beneficial for you to watch the video for me too….

As CJ is collecting optins he has set up an awesome competition with Ipods, Flip Minos, Amazon Giftcards and Free Websites as prizes. I am currently in 14th place which means I am set to win a Giftcard and a Website…. Which is awesome!! I also honestly do love the tips he was giving away so am very happy to promote this.

Now…. You may be able to knock me off the leaderboard if you have good promo skills :). Just simply watch the video (Sell Your Site For More), then if you want to promo it, sign up with you Clickbank ID and get going!

Let me know what you think and how you get on.



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The site I mentioned could posibly be a scam so I have taken down the recommendation until this is resolved.

If you want any further info or have any info then please contact me by leaving a comment below…

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