Info Product Success Formula, Is It Any Good?

Before I even explain what the Info Product Success Formula is and what it contains I’ll cut to the chase and answer the question….

Yes the Info Product Success Formula is Very Good…. Now I have that bit of information out of the way I better tell you a little more about it and why I have come to this conclusion.

What is the Info Product Success Formula?

It’s the latest info product offering from Josh Spaulding. As you may know I praise Josh Spaulding a lot as I am a member of his private forum and he has helped me personally on many occasions. As soon as he released this product a few weeks ago I snapped it up.

The Info Product Success Formula is Josh’s exact formula that he say’s he has been using to launch all his info products in any niche. Following the formula every exactly should by Josh’s reckoning mean success for just about any info product that you decide to work on and promote.

The book takes two routes and explains them in high detail. As the sales page says:

Path #1 concentrates on establishing and/or maintaining an authority presence in a niche. It doesn’t matter if you already have a presence in the niche or not! You’ll be integrating info-products into your niche, build credibility and most important make LOTS of money!

Path #2 concentrates on marketing to small niches! If you’re a niche marketer, or plan to become one in the future, this is the path for you! With this path you’ll be finding info-products that are already created for you and you’ll leverage that content to build a list, make direct sales and create a long-term sales funnel! The great thing is you can do the Formula over and over for each and every niche you target!

I purchased this ebook the night before I left the UK and flew to Egypt. As I was quite eager to read it I made sure that my laptop was fully charged and the pdf was on my desktop waiting for me to open up and start reading in the airport.

Sitting in Luton Airport has never been so pleasurable! I sat down in a little comfy seat and started reading the book. An hour later it was time to get on the plane…. much to my annoyance! As soon as I was settled on the plane I continued the reading until I had read cover to cover and gone back over a few of the sections.

This formula is solid as far as I am concerned and I am very much looking forward to roaming into the world of info products to see how I can do. With this formula I am pretty sure I can succeed.

…. Any negatives?

Like all ebooks they can’t make the money for you. Josh has supplied his solid formula in very good detail. It works for him and he knows his stuff… But you have to be willing to work hard and take a few hard knocks from time to time to make sure you succeed too. He makes no illusions that you will have to work hard but he also repeatedly says that he is confident that if you follow the formula exactly that you will rarely fail.

How can you be sure Josh is giving his actual formula?

Well we can’t. However Josh is now making most of his cash (as far as I am aware) from teaching us what he did to make it big as an internet marketer. He worked from the bottom up like all of us and does not mess around with crappy promotions just for cash. If he releases a crappy formula that does not work then his repuation will drop and people will stop buying thus destroying everything he has worked hard for.

Go get your free chapter NOW (Limited Time Only).

Go on over to the Info Product Success Formula sales page now and grab your free chapter so you can decide for yourself what it is like.

Also, as with all of Josh’s products, you have a no questions asked 30 day money back guarentee.

What have you got to lose?

If you have read the formula or do purchase it on my recommendation then I would absolutely love to hear what you think of it.

Also any questions and as usual I will give you my honest answer.

Thanks a million,


Making A Fancy Mailing List Signup Box

A friend of mine recently asked me how I created my Mailing List sign up box at the top of my sidebar. He also suggested I write a post about it and I thought it was a great idea….. So here goes.

Gathering an email list is pretty important if you are taking your blog and readers seriously. By creating a nice, clean and easy to recognize way for your readers to sign up you will definitely increase your opt-ins.

Getting your sign up code:

The first thing you need is an autoresponder so that you can capture leads and build your list. I have only ever used Aweber and greatly recommend it. However some people also say that GetResponse is very good too. There are some free options available but as I said, I have never used them.

Once you have your autoresponder you should be able to create a handy little piece of code that includes the web form for capturing the name and email of your visitors. You can see mine below, I have included the graphic that shows my subscriber numbers.

The Code Next you need to put your code inside a box and position it so that you can create a graphic that fits. I find the easiest way to do this is using <div> tags to contain the code and apply styles to certain elements. Now if that sounds like jargon… I’ll try and break it down. First create your bounding box.

<div class="aweberbox">
</div><!--aweberbox ends-->

and then style it by adding some styles to your wordpress “style.css file. This will style the class that you applied to the <div>:

.aweberbox {
width: 250px;
height: 350px;
background: green;

This creates the box below:

Next step, we need to insert the another <div> to hold the Aweber code, then we need to insert the Aweber code and use css code again to position it.

<div class="aweberbox">
<div class="aweberform">
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
</div><!--aweberform ends-->
</div><!--aweberbox ends-->

and the css to change the font color and position the form…

.aweberform {
color: black;
width: 200px;
margin: 0px auto;
padding: 180px 0;

All this and you now have this box below (getting there!):

One last thing to do before we go and create the graphic is to make sure that the background of the outer div will pick up our image. Then we can just create it and put it in. We just need to change one line in the css for the .aweberbox.

 background: green;


background:#fff url(images/aweberbox-bg.jpg) no-repeat

Here we have pre determined where the image will go and what it will be called. This means there is just one more simple step… We just have to create an image to fit out box.

The Background Image

All the fiddly code is done now so I just need a nice image.
I defined the size of the box as 250px wide by 350px height. So I just need to create an image that size. To allow me to style to fit the form I took a screen shot of the div that we created and used that as a base.

The image below shows a few steps along the way to creating my final image.

Now I just save the image as the name specified in the css and upload to the ‘images’ folder of my theme.

Voila! Here is the completed sign up box.

Not my best piece of design work, but hopefully good enough to show you what is going on.

I hope you found this tutorial useful.

Any question, suggestions or anything at all please leave a comment or contact me and I will help you get your sign up box just how you need it.

Take care,


250GB Of FREE Storage Space

That’s right while making my usual rounds I came across one heck of a deal for us bloggers and social media users. All of us can use a little extra hosting space for something these days. I hope everyone enjoys this gold nugget of a find. Thanks to Grahm for emailing it to me! was created as a fresh alternative to sites like MegaUpload and RapidShare. Unlike those sites, we do not reel the user in and make them wait for annoying countdown timers. We do not hide the download link with aggressively placed ads. Their goal is simple, to offer the most basic file hosting and image hosting service so you can share your stuff quickly.

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Opt-In E-Mail Marketing For Newbies Part 3

emailmarketingIn our first post we covered exactly what a double opt in email marketing list is. We also took the time to define what is was not, and how easy it is to tell the difference between the two. In our second post I outlined how you can easily gather leads for your upcoming campaign. This is all wonderful and helps you to the end game goal of actually pitching your first sale to your list of leads which you have gathered to this point. Today’s post will focus on how to warm your leads up to what you want to show them; as well as, where you will be getting these products to sell in the first place.

Just like with any situation in life where you want to show someone something they may not know they need, or particularly want you will have to put the golden salesperson hat on. Remember to be honest, be kind and try not to dig any holes that an innocent person might otherwise fall into. I am sure by this point your asking what are you talking about? Easy enough but lets start out with something else first.

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Opt-In E-Mail Marketing For Newbies Part 2

emailYesterday we covered the basics about getting your feet wet coming into your first E-Mail Marketing campaign. I made sure to elaborate the differences between a double opt-in list which has become standard now, and what most honestly think of when anyone says an email marketing shindig. This being said today we are going to approach some new material. So strap in, grab a cold drink, and get ready to take some notes.

I also want to take a minute and thank everyone for vising this blog and helping make my goals come to fruition. This post marks 100 posts on this blog. Over the course of the next 100 posts I plan to add easily navigable page for blogging aka the “Bloggers toolbox”, an “Internet Marketers Guide” and a few other tidbits I will stay close lipped about for now. This is a way for me to fulfill my ultimate goal of providing an almost one stop blog that is honest and accurate AND helpful for everyone from newbie to veteran. Keep coming back and I promise I will keep posting great content. Without YOU the reader this blog would die. Again Thanks for reading! Back to Email Marketing For Newbies Part 2.

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