4 Different Ways To Destroy Your Blog

This is a guest post by Simon Rogers, a 15 year old from the UK who blogs at Teenius.com (about making money online), and BrainBite.com (inspirational posts, interviews and lists). You can also follow him on Twitter @teenius I read a lot of blogs all over the internet, mainly about blogging and making money online, […]

Musically Motivated….. er…. Friday!

Hey Guys and Girls, I ended up without net connection for longer than I thought so have not been able to get any posts out. Last Saturday my journey in Williston, Vermont (USA) started and it ended on Monday where I arrived in New Brighton, near to Liverpool in England…. I’m just over the jet […]

Musically Motivated Monday – Hey…

Happy Fathers day to all Daddy’s out there. I’m not a father but I had a great day lounging by the pool drowning myself in fine Vermont beer… Sorry Clients, I know I should have been working!! I’m still utterly blown away by my Adsense Spike last week… If you missed my post then read […]