Finally Write That Ebook – Free Report

I have been considering writing an ebook for a very long time but have been finding excuses, putting it off for other work and just in the long run, not doing it!

In November Ruth from the excellent blog Web Career Girl set herself a challenge to write 50,000 words, and guess what, she did it and with a little time to spare.

Part of that 50k word goal was to outline and lay down the first drafts for 4 ebooks that she will be using for various projects. 4 ebooks in 1 month! That is quite an achievement!

I’m sure like me you would love to complete even just one Ebook in a month so drawing on her experience Ruth has put together an absolutely excellent and completely free report detailing how you can write that ebook that you have been putting off.

Now if you want to get this report right now then just sign up to the mailing list below (This is Ruth’s list, I offered to host a form on this post) or if you need a little extra help before downloading then visit her latest post:
Finalising Your eBook Writing Action Plan – My Template

CTA: Use Social Media To Help The Childrens Heart Network

Hey guys and girls,

I hope you are all doing well.

I have a request for you all today. I hope you can help me out and be inspired too. I recently wrote about How To Use Your Powers For Good and my good friend Neal has decided to do just that, so it’s my duty as a fellow blogger to try and get his cause some attention.

So please lend a hand.

Neal has made an excellent video for this years Project 4 Awesome. He has made a video for the Children’s Heart Network highlighting some important facts about Children with Heart Defects.

Please watch the video and then read on to see what you can do to help.

Thanks for watching, I think you will all agree he did a great job.

If you could visit the page on youtube.

Please Rate the video, leave a  comment, Stumble, Tweet, Digg, Share and whatever else you can do to help promote this video.

Your help is much appreciated.

Don't Believe Everything You Hear!

I’ve been going through an email cleanse the last few weeks. To be quite honest I am getting sick of hype arriving in my inbox. I know some of it may be good information but these days I am feeling that I would rather get the info late after some user testing has been done.

The amount of people getting into blogging for profit and other reasons is growing an an absolutely alarming rate so the Guru’s and wannabe Guru’s are going nuts telling everyone just what they should do to be the next big thing or get top slot in Google. Much of this info filters through and is recommended on good faith. Any of us that have given on information have probably given on false information without knowing. After all this whole blogging game is one huge guessing game so we have to make educated guesses and sometimes go with our our gut feelings.

I’ll give you an example. One solid piece of information that is passed around time and time again is that you need back links for Google’s little spiders to find your new website and get you indexed.

Well just last week I registered 5 new domains and set up hosting on them, nothing else. I submitted each site to webmaster tools (no sitemap). When I came to install WordPress on them this week and start getting them ready I thought I would see if they had indexed, just for the hell of it….. Guess what, all 5 had been indexed for their domain and the only content they had was the cgi bin folder that Hostgator hosting installs.

So this little piece of solid “truth” that is passed around, clearly is not true. Backlinks are very important in my opinion but you don’t have to have them to get indexed…. I see that as a fact now!

So taking this thought with me even trusted sources could be passing along false information, not necessarily intentionally.

I’m not saying ignore the Guru’s or never buy any ebooks or products, just be cautious and don’t expect everything to work to the letter.

Many of my methods for making cash online have come about from reading, lots, and then my own intuition and twist of methods that I have read. Use your noggin a bit, test everything, don’t believe the hype and develop your own place online and your own ways, there is plenty of space.

Let me know what you think?

Flippa Competitor and Easy Way To Make $10-$100…


The site I mentioned could posibly be a scam so I have taken down the recommendation until this is resolved.

If you want any further info or have any info then please contact me by leaving a comment below…

Thanks and sorry,


Multiple Email Addresses From One Gmail Account

If you are anything like me then you love your gmail account and you like keeping everything in one place.

In this video I will show you how to use one gmail account to create as many email addresses as you want a way to make sure all this is filtered into separate folders (or tags as gmail calls them).

This is useful especially if you want multiple accounts with a place like Twitter or Ezine articles but you want to use one gmail to control all these accounts.

So take a look at the video, let me know what you think and fire me any questions you have: