Michelle Motivated Monday: The Keativ Blogger Award and My Famous Blogger Club Interview

This Monday is inspired by an awesome internet marketer and online friend of mine, Michelle Adams. She is a seriously talented lady with a great IM career going on. So I suggest you go over to her blog Michelle-Adams.com and start taking some of her advice.

Michelle has done two awesome things for me recently and I have no idea why I deserve such things but she seems to think so! First she passed on the Kreativ blogger award to me. So I will pass this onto 7 others later in this post.

Secondly she did an excellent interview over at the Famous Bloggers Club where she recommended this blog. This led onto an interview recently being published with me, again I have the link and a bit more to say about that later in this post :). If you want to get to know Michelle a little more her interview can be read here: Michelle Adams telling her Blog Story

The Kreativ Blogger Award

kreativawardFirstly thanks again to Michelle for giving me this awesome award. Like Michelle, I had never heard of this award until she passed it to me and I agree it’s an excellent idea. Quite simply the award is something that someone gives you if your blog has influenced them in a positive way. And therefore it’s your responsibility and job to pass it onto 7 others who have done the same for you. Another part of the award is to give 7 interesting facts about yourself!

Seven interesting/boring facts about Forest Parks

  1. I am British (from London) but have been living away from home for the last 3 years. I lived in Montreal, Canada and currently live in Cairo, Egypt.
  2. I am Vegetarian but occasionally eat fish and then feel guilty for weeks on end.
  3. I started my career as an artowrker/graphic designer in London
  4. My partner of 3 years, Lara, is American and I tease her about it every day πŸ™‚ !
  5. I wish I could live my life with no impact to the environment and am slowly pushing in that direction
  6. I am obsessed with being on my computer even though I won’t admit it in person
  7. I don’t like Facebook very much. Does this public admission mean I will lose all my readers?

Ok, now the Kreativ Blogger Award goes to these 7 awesome bloggers.

Joe Swopes (http://ImWithJoe.com) – Joe was one of the first video bloggers that I saw where I actually wanted to sit through the whole video. He has an awesome style and as I have got to know him, he is an awesome guy.

Freddie Taylor (http://thinktaylor.com) – Freddie has an awesome video style too and is a very motivational chap. I have been getting to know him better in the last few months and his impact on me is nothing but positive. Freddie’s site that I have linked is his new site that offers great services for anyone needing a business blog built but his blog that inspired me to add him can be found here: FreddieTaylor.com

Allyn Hane (http://bloggerillustrated.net) – I have known Allyn for a while but did not have much contact with him for the last year. He contacted me recently regarding some design work for his new beer blog and I went and visited his blog. I was amazed at how far it had come since I last checked and the guy is an straight talking inspiration for anyone. Sorry I wasn’t following you all this time Allyn!

No Impact Man (http://noimpactman.com) – I don’t know No Impact Man personally but his way of life and blogging about it has been personally inspiring me to look at my way of life. He is pretty busy these days with a book and a movie so probably won’t pass this award on but still he is awesome.

Ruth (http://www.webcareergirl.com) – Ruth is an awesome blogger and is on a similar path to me in the IM world so I enjoy reading about her progress very much.

Anna Williams (http://buildingfromnothing.com) – Anna has an excellent blog and you should also check out her photography too. She constantly passes out great advice and information to her readers and seems to be a very nice person too.

Melvin Dichoso (http://www.melvinblog.com) – Melvin is a teenager but he knows his stuff and I enjoy his posts. His blog is personal and contains lots of useful info, so that’s why he gets the award πŸ™‚

My Interview

After Michelle recommended me Hisham, the owner of the blog contacted me for an interview. I was extremely busy and rushed the interview a bit but none the less I think there is some interesting info about me in it!

I submitted the interview a few weeks ago and like me Hisham was a busy man. So sadly he did not read it until recently. He emailed me to inform that he had just moved to USA from Cairo! If he had skimmed the email when I sent it then we may have had a chance to meet in person before he hopped over the water…. Funny how life goes!

Forest Parks-Real Blogging Tips FBC100

One more thing……. The Music!

What’s Monday without some Music! I hate this song πŸ™‚ But Michelle mentioned that she loves it so I thought it would be fitting to include it!

It’s a Beautiful Day – U2

As always, let me know how you are doing.

Info Product Success Formula, Is It Any Good?

Before I even explain what the Info Product Success Formula is and what it contains I’ll cut to the chase and answer the question….

Yes the Info Product Success Formula is Very Good…. Now I have that bit of information out of the way I better tell you a little more about it and why I have come to this conclusion.

What is the Info Product Success Formula?

It’s the latest info product offering from Josh Spaulding. As you may know I praise Josh Spaulding a lot as I am a member of his private forum and he has helped me personally on many occasions. As soon as he released this product a few weeks ago I snapped it up.

The Info Product Success Formula is Josh’s exact formula that he say’s he has been using to launch all his info products in any niche. Following the formula every exactly should by Josh’s reckoning mean success for just about any info product that you decide to work on and promote.

The book takes two routes and explains them in high detail. As the sales page says:

Path #1 concentrates on establishing and/or maintaining an authority presence in a niche. It doesn’t matter if you already have a presence in the niche or not! You’ll be integrating info-products into your niche, build credibility and most important make LOTS of money!

Path #2 concentrates on marketing to small niches! If you’re a niche marketer, or plan to become one in the future, this is the path for you! With this path you’ll be finding info-products that are already created for you and you’ll leverage that content to build a list, make direct sales and create a long-term sales funnel! The great thing is you can do the Formula over and over for each and every niche you target!

I purchased this ebook the night before I left the UK and flew to Egypt. As I was quite eager to read it I made sure that my laptop was fully charged and the pdf was on my desktop waiting for me to open up and start reading in the airport.

Sitting in Luton Airport has never been so pleasurable! I sat down in a little comfy seat and started reading the book. An hour later it was time to get on the plane…. much to my annoyance! As soon as I was settled on the plane I continued the reading until I had read cover to cover and gone back over a few of the sections.

This formula is solid as far as I am concerned and I am very much looking forward to roaming into the world of info products to see how I can do. With this formula I am pretty sure I can succeed.

…. Any negatives?

Like all ebooks they can’t make the money for you. Josh has supplied his solid formula in very good detail. It works for him and he knows his stuff… But you have to be willing to work hard and take a few hard knocks from time to time to make sure you succeed too. He makes no illusions that you will have to work hard but he also repeatedly says that he is confident that if you follow the formula exactly that you will rarely fail.

How can you be sure Josh is giving his actual formula?

Well we can’t. However Josh is now making most of his cash (as far as I am aware) from teaching us what he did to make it big as an internet marketer. He worked from the bottom up like all of us and does not mess around with crappy promotions just for cash. If he releases a crappy formula that does not work then his repuation will drop and people will stop buying thus destroying everything he has worked hard for.

Go get your free chapter NOW (Limited Time Only).

Go on over to the Info Product Success Formula sales page now and grab your free chapter so you can decide for yourself what it is like.

Also, as with all of Josh’s products, you have a no questions asked 30 day money back guarentee.

What have you got to lose?

If you have read the formula or do purchase it on my recommendation then I would absolutely love to hear what you think of it.

Also any questions and as usual I will give you my honest answer.

Thanks a million,


Bryn Youngblut In Review

Today I thought we would switch it up a bit and toss in a review. I mean really what could be a better representation of social exploitation than that huh? πŸ˜› Anyway today’s blog up for review is Bryn Youngblut’s – The Miscellaneous Ramblings Of An E-Entrepreneur. One thing is for sure that you will be along for a ride while reading.

This blog has a decently popular theme that is catching on throughout the blogosphere, and the colors are definitely easy on the eyes. The content is delivered consistently and often. What good would it do to follow someones journey if you had big gaps? No need to ponder that while reading Mr. Youngblut’s blog. Honest, quality content is what you will find here, and he pulls out the stops to help his readers out with what he has learned, instead of pulling a John Chow and just letting you know how much he earns.

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