Sell Your SIte For More – Great Video Tips

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I sent info about this to the mailing list already but thought it would be a good idea to write up a post too.

If you are selling websites already or looking to sell one of your websites then inevitably you want to get as much money for it as possible. I know I have been ramping up my sales recently and really want to maximize my profit so that I can ultimately concentrate on bigger more detailed sales.

CJ Parker, an Aussie bloke wrote a great ebook about ways to increase the sale prices of your sites and I read that just last week. It was a great read so when this his new site popped up I was curious to take a look. And now he has released the first of a set of great videos showing some of his tips for how you can sell your site for more.

The first video shows 3 great tips, one I had never thought of and will DEFINITELY be trying (Look out for Tip #2). Also a 2nd video is being realeased today so I am really looking forward to that.

So go watch the video: Sell Your Site For More.

I would tell you the techniques but that’s not fair as he seems like a really nice bloke and is collecting optins for a future product launch…. but these videos are 100% free and it’s beneficial for you to watch the video for me too….

As CJ is collecting optins he has set up an awesome competition with Ipods, Flip Minos, Amazon Giftcards and Free Websites as prizes. I am currently in 14th place which means I am set to win a Giftcard and a Website…. Which is awesome!! I also honestly do love the tips he was giving away so am very happy to promote this.

Now…. You may be able to knock me off the leaderboard if you have good promo skills :). Just simply watch the video (Sell Your Site For More), then if you want to promo it, sign up with you Clickbank ID and get going!

Let me know what you think and how you get on.



Flippa Competitor and Easy Way To Make $10-$100…


The site I mentioned could posibly be a scam so I have taken down the recommendation until this is resolved.

If you want any further info or have any info then please contact me by leaving a comment below…

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Flipping Awesome! A Very Very Good FREE Guide.

Some of my readers of have been asking me about site flipping recently.I think I have just what any begginner needs to get going…. This is no sales or affiliate commision gaining post or anything. It’s just my honest opinion on a awesome new guide from a blogging friend of mine that I honestly feel will help you readers.

The basics of site flipping are easy. Buy or make a site, spruce it up a little and then sell for a profit at auction. However when people actually embark on their first web site, built for sale they often get confused and come unstuck with the finite details.

This is where Michelle’s guide comes in and saves the day….

Michelle Adams is an Australian blogger that I have known for a while now. She has a great sense of humor and awesome professional approach. Like many dream of, she makes her living online. I have known Michelle long enough to see her climb up the ladder a few rungs and not that long ago, relatively speaking, she was strugling along and working out her business direction. Site flipping has been a major part of getting her to where she is today.

The ebook is completely 100% free and does not leave you short of details or trying to sell you loads of stuff. The purpose of the free report is for Michelle to gain mailing list subscribers. She also spends a little time promoting her mentoring program on the last page. If you are looking for a mentor in this kind of thing then Michelle may well be an excellent choice for you.

Ok, enough of that, more about the free report….

The book takes you through the steps required to build and sell your first site flip. It looks at each aspect in pretty good detail and gives you tips to help gain a good sale amount when it comes to the auction.

Here are the 10 steps dicussed in the report:

Step   1  –  Market Selection
Step   2  –  Domain Name
Step   3  –  Hosting & Cpanel Set Up
Step   4  –  Nameservers
Step   5  –  WordPress Plugins
Step   6  –  Adding Content Keywords
Step   7  –  Theme Selection Theme Installation
Step   8  –  Monetization
Step   9 –   List For Sale
Step 10 –   Site Transfer

As you can see it’s all there. Michelle has called the book Quick Cash Converter as that’s exactly what these kind of site flips do you for.

Download the report here: Quick Cash Converter

If you need any help or questions answered about the report, Michelle, site flipping or anything then feel free to leave a comment or send me a personal mail to

An Extra $100 This Week? Flip A Website…. I Dare You!

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Image by TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ via Flickr

I have been building and selling websites since October last year and although it has not been that long I have learned a lot and it has become a nice way for me to diversify my business.

I have found that it is a relatively simple and and a good low cost way to start making some cash using your blogging skills. In this article, instead of just theoretically talking about how you could do it, I challenge you to put some time down and do it.

Your success cannot be guaranteed but I will say that most of my new build sites sell for at least $100 profit. If you want to see some of my sales just check out my profile on sitepoint.

Like I said, I want you to try this and I will be here to ask questions, critique your site before sale and give any other advice that you may need. Now onto what you need to do….

1. Go to the Sitepoint Marketplace section “Startup Websites For Sale” and take a look around. Look at what seems to be selling and have a read over some of the sales copy to get an idea of what is going on. Then sign up for an account, it’s free.

2. Based on your readings and what you are comfortable with, pick a subject. Things like economy, frugal and green living seem to be doing well but if you want to try something wacky you never know it may sell for a great price.

3. Write 10-15 articles on your chosen subject. Alternatively you can buy the articles but this will reduce profit. If you want to outsource then ask a friend or try Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. You should be able to buy an article for around $3.

4. Buy a .com or .net domain that is catchy and related to your subject. Setup hosting pointing to that domain and install wordpress. I advise Godaddy for domains, discount coupon codes can be found at Fatwallet. And I advise Hostgator for hosting. I use a reseller account that allows me to create separate accounts for every site that I create all for $25 a month.

5. Find a suitable WordPress theme. You want a clean and professional looking theme. Premium themes can help push the sale but I have had success using many free templates. More recently I have been using Hybrid News from Justin Tadlock. Install your theme, add a few plugins that you feel are needed. I normally keep it to a minimum but Google Sitemap, a Social Media plugin and Featured Content Gallery are good options.

6. Now you need to create a custom header design and any other graphics that you want. It needs, again, to be clean and professional. If needed outsource this, Mechanical Turk could be a good place to start. Then add all your articles and make sure they all have their own image. I find using free stick from gives my sites a professional feel. Make sure you have the right to use ALL images.

7. Finish the site up. I often add adsense and affiliate ads so that they buyer can see how the site could be monetized. In some cased I re-brand a PLR ebook as added value . Also just tidy anything up that looks messy. You want to provide value for the customer as the hope is that some of these guys will become repeat customers.

8. Now go to sitepoint and list your site. I suggest setting the BIN (Buy It Now) price for a new site at somewhere between $150-$190 and I also through in a few bonuses such as free transfer ( My post “Move A WordPress Blog” shows you how to transfer a blog after a sale). and often a few free banner designs. You could offer free articles, some PLR extra content or whatever your creativity decides!  For your listing text use other sales as inspiration and honestly sell the value of the site you have created. For a small sale like this I would also normally just accept Paypal, however there can be risks with this so be diligant and make sure you trust the buyer before handing over the site. Bigger sales can be secure using Escrow.

9. Hopefully you will start getting bids, comments and messages. You may even have someone buy the site at BIN. Just answer everyone, be courteous and make sure you are quick to respond when someone has purchased the site. Get onto closing these sale asap and make sure they are happy. An important part of buying and selling sites is back-end sales. Make sure you take their email (with permission) and start to make a mailing list. Offer them discount hosting (I offer a $15 rebate if they buy Hostgator hosting through me) and anything else that you feel may benefit them and you.

That is really about it. I tend to buy my articles these days so spend around $35 and about 3 hours of my time for a $100 profit and a possible future client. So why don’t you give it a try?

If you need any help just ask. If you want me to critique your site and offer advice, take a look over your sales copy or anything just let me know.

I can be contacted privately via gmail.

Good luck, I’m off out tonight so i’ll raise a glass to your success.

Case Study: Newbie Site Flip Part 2

Ah I see you listened and enjoyed a cold glass of something good, well my friends lets get back to it today and let me finish telling you about my case study: Newbie Site Flip Part 2. Today we are going to wrap it up and reflect on the project in its entirety and we are going to listen to some great tips from Bryan from between this self imposed case study and his tips you have absolutely no excuse to at the very least not attempt one of these for yourself, this can serve as a great way to earn some extra income on the site, or if you have enough of what it takes then to make a living at it, remember the sky is the limit and only you set your own limitations not anyone else.

Yesterday we finished up talking about design, operation and deployment and today we are going to pick up with monetization and other site value and roll from there. So here we go.

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