The Blogger's Diet

Good news bloggers- everytime you have a big mac, or pack on a few pounds, you can blame the blog.

I read an article today about a research study that said people who spent an average of 6 hours or more at their computer tend to have poor eating habits, crave junk food, and eat a higher percentage of fast food than than individuals who do not spend as much time in front of their pc. In addition, the study said that the average internet junkie tended to eat 20 calories more for every hour spent screen-front than your average person.

As an AdSense entrepreneur, webdesigner, blogger and of course AdClickologist, I would have to say I spend more than 8 hours at my computer daily, and often more than 14. I can only assume that full-time bloggers would need to spend at least that much time at their computers- given the amount of reading and writing necessary to be a successful blogger. Luckily, I enjoy exercise and take frequent workout breaks and since I don’t cook, Jay is happy to leave me gourmet salads in the fridge. I am slightly curious if this is true and if, while inspiring new bloggers and internet money-makers, I’m also contributing to the growing bank accounts of McDonalds and PF Chengs.

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Jeni Hott
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My name is Jeni Hott. I'm a professional blogger and entrepreneur. You may have seen me speak, heard me on an interview, or know me from the movie Living Dot Com, where I was featured as the very first 7 figure blogger, and recognized for crossing 100 million visits back in 2013. I am honored to be considered a pioneer of the blogging world today, and one of the very first "Super Bloggers.” On a personal note... I love sushi, my son London and jet-setter travel… and I happily share my 7 figure blogging tips in exchange for frappuccinos and good conversation. Have a question? Feel free to ask- jhottinc(@) gmail. Happy Blogging!

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