3 Questions… 7 Bloggers… A Short Glimpse Into Successful Mindsets

I recently decided that I would take a look at the blogs I enjoyed reading, and find out a few things about the authors. This is a short case study based on three questions asked to ten different bloggers from all across the blogosphere. Lets take a look at the answers as they may surprise you.

1.> How do you measure the Success of a blog?

A blog’s success can only be measured against the blogger’s goals for that blog.

While many automatically assume that ‘traffic’ is the key metric there are many metrics that could come into play including:

• RSS Subscribers
• Income Earned
• Length of Stay
• Comment Numbers
• Comment Quality
• Links from Other Blogs/Sites
• Being Featured on Social Media Sites
• Number of Sales of a product
• Number of consulting jobs landed
• Ranking in Search Engines
• Ranking in ‘lists’ (like Technorati’s Top 100)
• Awards
• Personal Satisfaction

I’m sure we could come up with plenty more measures of a blog’s success – but ultimately it comes back to the goals of a blogger. If they want to make money then it’s probably some sort of income figure, if it’s about being influential it’ll be more based upon links from others and traffic, if their goal is to build community then comments will be a higher priority.

The problem is that most bloggers don’t have specific goals – they just want traffic.

2.> What is the fastest way to gain loyal RSS Subscribers?

There’s no one way to build subscriber numbers but there are a few elements that need to be working together:

1. High quality content that enhances people’s lives, that interests them and/or that meets a need that they have in some area.
2. Anticipation – people need to feel like you’ve got something yet to say that you’ve not yet said. You need to give them a reason to want to come back tomorrow.
3. Eyeballs – you can have high quality content and give every indication that you’ll keep producing great content but unless you have people seeing it in the first place you’ll not do well. So you need to get your name out there – post guest posts on other blogs, comment on other blogs, get people to link to you, create some buzz OFF your site that will draw people to have a look at your blog.
4. A ‘hook’ – once you have the eyeballs you need to give people a prominent way to subscribe. Promoting your RSS feed prominently and making it easy to subscribe is important.

More reading on this at – http://www.problogger.net/archives/2008/02/06/a-secret-to-finding-new-subscribers-for-your-blog/

3.> If you could go back in time and talk to the younger Problogger what advice would you give him?

I probably would have told him to start earlier, buy as many domains as I could, buy Google shares and make friends with the current list of A-list bloggers.

But a little more practical advice I would give him would be to produce quality, original content focused around a particular niche. In my early days of blogging I spent my first year of blogging on a personal blog with no real focus or niche. I blogged about ‘life’ and everything I was interested in. It was only when I began to focus in on certain niches on different blogs that things took off. Also in my earlier days of blogging I spent more time aggregating other people’s content than my own. This has it’s place but I see more future in creating a destination site than an aggregation one.

Darren is one of the industries top authorities on the matter and if you interested in learning more about how he earns 6 figures, then I highly suggest you read his new book available worldwide and well worth the peanuts it costs. Check out probloggerbook.com and get your copy today.

The University Kid
1.> How do you measure the Success of a blog?

I measure the success of a blog by looking at traffic, rss subscribers and its perceived standing in its blogging niche. The money is pulls in monthly can’t hurt either

2.> What is the fastest way to gain loyal RSS Subscribers?

The faster way to gain loyal subscribers is to a) produce content that they can use, consistently and b) reward them for following your blog in the form of contests, etc. Basically shake things up and don’t be boring.

3.> If you could go back in time and talk to the younger University Kid what advice would you give him?

Probably tell him to learn how to design / code. Then again, I’d tell him that today…
You can find more out about The University Kid by visiting his blog.


1.> How do you measure the Success of a blog?

Success is hard to measure. There are many different areas where you can
measure success. This is directly tied into your goals for your blog. If
your goal is to make money, you obviously measure success by the income
your blog draws and so on. Personally I measure success by reader
interaction and the feedback I hear about my posts.

2.> What is the fastest way to gain loyal RSS Subscribers?

Write consistent great content. It is as simple as that.

3.> If you could go back in time and talk to the younger Max what advice
would you give him?

I would tell him to jump into this industry earlier. There is no other
industry out there like this one and it is a blast. That being said I
think the younger me would have a panic attack if he saw the older me
giving him advice. He he.

Max can be found posting on MoneyBites.com posting some interesting and in depth idea about the mmo industry.


1.> How do you measure the Success of a blog?

To me, blog success is when people contact you or comment and tell you that you are helping them. When bloggers that you look up too start stopping by your blog, or asking for advice/input on their latest post or blog. I think when you have a genuine relationship with your readers, everything else will fall into place, as far as monetization and making money. Being able to help people is the main goal for me. If people look to my blog as being helpful, or even something to cheer them up, then I have succeeded. It’s hard to measure, because everyone doesn’t comment or subscribe to your feed. So you just have to keep plugging along and use the comments, subscriptions, and compliments that you do receive, as fuel to keep you going.

2.> What is the fastest way to gain loyal RSS Subscribers?

Honestly, I am still trying to figure this one out! But I would say the fastest way would have to be running some type of contest. A contest where the readers have to subscribe to your RSS feed will grow it faster than anything I have ever seen. I haven’t done this myself, but have been involved in a few contests.

On the flip side of that, in order to keep them loyal, your content has to be quality. If they feel all you want to do is sell them the next product or enroll them in the next coaching program, then the numbers will drop just as fast as the grew.

Staying honest and operating with integrity, all while providing useful, helpful, or plain old entertaining content will keep them coming back. If your readers are asking themselves questions like: “what is he gonna say about this”, “what would he do in this situation”, “how would he handle this”, “I wonder what he thinks about this”….it’s pretty safe to say you are having a huge impact on them and they will continue to read your blog.

3.> If you could go back in time and talk to the younger Joe what advice
would you give him?

Hmmmm…..being that I’m not as old as some of these other great bloggers, I wouldn’t need to go back too far!
But honestly, I would say START THE BLOG!!! Really, there is no reason at all to wait around. Focus on your content first and not monetizing. Don’t clutter the blog up with ads from the very start, though I know it’s tempting. If you have a blog full of ads an maybe one or two posts…..people tend to shy away. I had way more ads in the beginning, then, I thought about my vision and my readers, so I cut back on them.

If you focus on providing quality content, that keeps people coming back, then the avenue for monetizing will open up wide for you. People will contact you instead of you contacting them, companies will want to buy space on your blog. This will only happen if you have a real following and you can only get that by providing real content.

Stay honest and keep your integrity. I know it’s easy to overlook integrity online, but if you do so, it will prove to be detrimental to you and your blog. Be yourself and allow your personality to show, that’s what people will like or dislike about you, so give them something real to work with. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try you own thing, but also learn from others around you. Most important is to learn what you readers want, and give it to them. Without your readers, your blog is nothing, so treat them right! ( Joe loves the readers!!) 🙂

ImwithJoe.com is a wonderful resource for great information and insights into blogging and Internet Marketing.


1.> How do you measure the Success of a blog?

Feedback – if feedback and comments tell me that I’ve hit the bullseye with the message I was trying to convey, it’s a success no matter how many, or how few, people read the blog. It’s an artform.

2.> What is the fastest way to gain loyal RSS Subscribers?

I have three thoughts on this.
#1 – There is no such thing, people stay until their needs are met.
#2 – Be controversial and you will renew your subscriber base quickly.
#3 example “(SPOILER) – Write an ebook + offer it for free to anyone who signs up for your monthly newsletter + use Aweber to manage the monthly email + combine your aweber feedcount with your traditional feedcount (yes, feedburner provides that option to aweber) and it will APPEAR that you have a ton of subscribers even though lots of those people only wanted the ebook. I don’t do this, but many do.”

Giving people REAL advice like that brings them back too.

3.> If you could go back in time and talk to the younger PopularWealth what advice
would you give him?

Invest in GEO Domains, like NY.com, Atlanta.com, LasVegas.com etc… like oil and land, there will never be new dot com geo domains available and they cost tens of millions to buy.

PopularWealth.com is a great site for up to date information about Knowledge, Observation and Imagination.


1.> How do you measure the Success of a blog?

The quick answer is by the achievement of goals. In order to measure
something you have to have something to base it off. One of the biggest
reasons for failure of so many businesses (whether online or offline) is the
people behind them have a dream but not realistic goals and expectations.
Sure you can have a dream of being self employeed or even wealthy but you
need to be able to clearly see what that looks like and this goes the same
with a blog. The blog’s success is determined by whether or not it has
acheieved what it was intended to do.

This is important to understand, especially in the early stages of a new
blog because we can get so impatient and discouraged when things do not go
perfect right from the start. Sure we are patient the first week or two but
after 30 days when your RSS feed only shows 30 subscribers and 80% are made
up of you and your family… that can start to be a discouragement,
especially if the only goal of the blog is a dream of being rich. If
however, the initial goal of the blog was to be completely indexed in Google
and getting 75 uniques visitors a day within 30 days… well then if it
achieved that then the blog is a complete success. The challenge now is to
set new goals and keep moving forward.

2.> What is the fastest way to gain loyal RSS Subscribers?

First of all you need to give them a reason to subscribe. Just putting a
“subscribe here” link is in my opinion a complete waste of time. We all
believe that we do not like to be told what to do but when it comes down to
it we actually do. Your job has to be first of all to convince people of the
benefit they will recieve if they subscribe to your blog and them tell them
exactly how to do it. An example is these two offers…

1. Subscribe to our weight loss tips RSS feed


2. Be the envy of your nieghbourhood by staying up to date on the latest and
greatest methods to shed pounds and keep them off –> Click Here NOW!

The first one is generic and makes me feel like i am going to get recycled
junk… PLUS i have no idea how to Subscribe… where do i do it?

The second one on the other hand goes right to the jugular… our pride. It
tells me i am not going to receive recycled junk but new information and it
also tells me how to access it.

You need to understand that just because someone is not giving you money,
they are still giving you time and with all the spam out there, they are
also putting thier trust in you. Do not think just adding the word free will
make it desireable… there is a lot of free things on the internet… what
makes it desireable is the percieved vlaue the reader gets. This is where
optin incentives are so valuable… give them something like an audio,
software or ebook… something of good quality. If you do not have anything
to offer right now, then create a series of good content in your blog and
then but it together as a ebook or ask someone in your market that is
successful for a quick 10 minute interview and offer that.

The second part of the equation and this addresses the word loyal that you
referred to in your question, is the quality of your content. As the
ackronim GIGO references… Garbage In Garbage Out… if you are only adding
recycled content (garbage content) then you are only going to get garbage
out and that means you will not retain your subscribers.

The last part is inolvement. Get interactive with your readers… find out
what they want, ask questions, get input and make your readers a vital part
of the community and they will stick around.

3.> If you could go back in time and talk to the younger JohnCow what advice
would you give him?

Know what things in life to be content with.

Advice I often here is be happy with what you have… well I do not think we
are on this earth to be happy with what we have. I think we are meant to
make this a better world and to do that we can not be simply drones. We have
a free will and we need to use it.

To have grown content of something means that there is no longer a real
passion, which tells me you think you have gotten out of it all that you
will be able to and are happy to just keep going with it. I am often asked
by my family and friends how did i get started in a successful online
business and the simple answer is, I have never been satisfied with the
status quo. I was not content to work 9 to 5 and then hope for a pension.

I remember in 1995 sitting around a table with two coworkers and telling
them in 3 years I would be their boss and they laughed. Well they stopped
laughing when 14 months later I got the promotion and I was almost 10 years
younger then the youngest of the two. You see I was not satisfied with what
I was doing, even though I was making good money, I wanted something more!

This did not mean I quit what I was doing but instead I knew I had the power
to make it better, so I started setting goals and working towards them…. I
challenged myself.

This has paid off huge in all my endevours and the day I was finally able to
tell my boss I was quitting because in the last month working part time on
my business I generated more money then 6 months of my salary…. talk about
a satisfying moment… but that did not mean I was content to just stay
where I was.

I have carried this thinking through to my online career as well and it has
helped to create a business that generates a healthy seven figures a year in
revenue. Now this does not mean that I am never content with anything… I
am very satisfied with my life.. I have an amazing wife and children, good
firends, I am involved with a great youth ministry at my church (I am the
youth leader) and there are always exciting things going on, but what i am
not cotent with is saying… thats good enough.

This may sound cheesy but the quote from the movie Spiderman “with great
power comes great responsibility”, is I think one of the best quotes I have
heard in a long time and I truly believe we all have great power to do great

Now there is one disclaimer to this… if you truly are happy where you
are… then great but you will never be able to accomplish great things if
you think what you have accomplished now is good enough.

Johncow.com is one of the best sites around to learn the basics of making money online.


1.> How do you measure the Success of a blog?

I measure the success of my blog first by how much I’m learning. Second, by
the number of people I’m able to connect to on a deeper level. 3rd, by stats
and such.I measure the success of my blog first by how much I’m learning. Second, by
the number of people I’m able to connect to on a deeper level. 3rd, by stats
and such.

2.> What is the fastest way to gain loyal RSS Subscribers?

The fastest way to gain RSS subscribers is to make them interested in your
story. Tons of people are putting out great content but if you can get
people to follow you personally as well as your blog, your in business.

3.> If you could go back in time and talk to the younger Marc what advice
would you give him?

Start following your dreams sooner. Just because Mom and Dad raised you and
took care of you, you don’t have to live their dream for you. Get up, Get
out and get something.

You can see OneMansGoal.com in action or Marc’s latest project over at http://youtubeproposal.com
which is teaching people to monetize their content.

As you can see from reading this their is a plethora of information for you to digest tonight. I think we can all see the common themes to the most successful blogs being published today. So everyone take a page from the most successful in the blogosphere and lets try to give these guys some competition.

If you would like to answer these questions for your own blog or discuss them further please feel free to let me and everyone else know what works for you!

I just want to thank everyone who was able to participate. I thank everyone for taking the time out to write back for this!

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  1. Indeed it does, While I did have my own ways of saying if I were successful or not, this definately even made me broaden how and where and why I consider certain metrics, actions, inactions, etc.

    Very helpful!

  2. Today Internet is the vast resource,we can find every thing on the net,There are many on-line business surveys are there choose the best one and do the business.

  3. I loved it Ben, thanks for the opportunity….I feel very honored to be on your regular reading list and also to be listed next to these awesome blogs.

    I learned a lot from the other answers, and will be looking at how I can implement some of what the others had to say. I also found out about some blogs that I didn’t really know about so thanks for that.

    I’m still waiting for you to get back in the cockpit officially, as I have something I think you will like! 🙂
    Thanks again for the motivation!

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  4. Very different people,
    different writing styles
    BUT similar conclusions
    this MUST mean something !

    …have to kickstart my first blog in english.


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  6. The common theme among all these is great content that engages the reader. This is the main fuel for a successful blog.

    The techniques dealing with getting readers to your rss by using contests and free ebooks is intriguing. Now I better understand why so many blogs are running so many contests.

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  7. While they are instant boosters for the most part within a few weeks unless you are writing interesting , honest and thoughtful content you will be just about back where you started.

    I have to agree while the site layout and design is important your own personal goals and the richness of your content will be what drive your blog to success.

  8. Great article Big Ben.

    You should enter this article in my Building RSS Group Writing Project:


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  9. I like the way you presented the information in this blog..All the tips that you gave for fastest way to gain loyal RSS Subscribers is very informative & i’ll definitely use it. Thanks to sharing the useful information….

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