Don't Believe Everything You Hear!

Beautiful woman thinking from Stock Images I’ve been going through an email cleanse the last few weeks. To be quite honest I am getting sick of hype arriving in my inbox. I know some of it may be good information but these days I am feeling that I would rather get the info late after […]

Page Rank is sooooo 2008

Talking to my buddy Joe Swopes from, and discussing the various requirements many advertisers have implemented for their affiliate programs. I’m cracking up over here, learning about companies who require “no less than a PR 3.” Come on guys- Page rank means nothing. Ya, I said it. It’s a loose comparative tool for relative […]

Michelle Motivated Monday: The Keativ Blogger Award and My Famous Blogger Club Interview

This Monday is inspired by an awesome internet marketer and online friend of mine, Michelle Adams. She is a seriously talented lady with a great IM career going on. So I suggest you go over to her blog and start taking some of her advice. Michelle has done two awesome things for me recently […]