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My name is Jeni Hott and I’m a professional blogger and entrepreneur.

You may have seen me speak, heard me on an interview, or know me from the movie “Living Dot Com” where I was featured as the first 7 figure blogger, and recognized for crossing 100 million visits back in 2013- giving a little more “clout” to the blogging industry.  Overall, I’m known as “that blogger that makes a whole lotta money, while traveling the world and working once every 3 or 4 months.”  While that may be accurate, I also take pride in being considered a pioneer of the blogging industry, a devoted entrepreneur, and above all… an advocate for countless humanitarian causes.

On a personal note… I love being a mother to my toddler son, London Hott.  I’m a huge sushi buff and a travel fanatic.  I love talking about blogging, helping new bloggers get started and am happy to share my trade secrets in exchange for lattes.

My Mission…. 

In late January, 2017, I lost my baby sister and beloved 11 year old niece to domestic violence.  It has changed my “perfect world.”  This tragedy inspired me to do something beyond donations, bringing food to the homeless and sending shoes to children halfway across the world.  I have decided to do something on a much bigger scale and am starting a project designed to encourage my fellow bloggers to incorporate charitable and humanitarian causes into their blogs.  If you would like to learn more as this progresses, connect with me on social media or subscribe to my mailing list.

More about my blogging…

I’m a professional blogger known for my passive income blogging strategies. As of January 2013, I had well over 100 million visits to my most popular blog, which is also one of the most visited health sites on the web, according to the good people at Google.  I have never paid for advertising of any kind and have always maintained a strong sense of ethics and contribution in my online entrepreneur efforts- principles that have served me well and have placed me in the top 1% of highest earning and most-read bloggers in the world. I now take great pride in sharing these principles and strategies with my fellow online entrepreneurs.  Why?  Simply because I enjoy helping others to design the life and lifestyle they have always wanted to have.

How I got started blogging…
My story is an interesting one, and I hope it inspires you…

In 2006, I had moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico from the US. That year, I earned around $1,300… for the entire year. When I first started blogging, there was very little in the way of instruction guides for making money online,  let alone on “how to make money blogging.” Back then, I would have given anything to have that available. I now count this as a blessing because I was forced to test, test, and test some more, ultimately developing my own strategies for what really works. Not only what works, but what brings in the money, ethically and with as little effort as possible.  If you would like to hear the entire story, read on: How I started Blogging or watch this video: Jeni Hott – 7 Figure Blogging Tips.


Jeni Hott Bio Highlights:

Blogosphere name: Jeni Hott, aka brilliantjeni

  • Considered to be the first 7 figure blogger in the world, bringing light to blogging in the business world.
  • Recognized by Google as one of the most widely read bloggers on the web, with over 100 million visits and growing.
  • Longtime collaborator with both Google America and Google Latin America on AdSense for testing and general insights.
  • Successful 7 figure blogger, speaker, online entrepreneur and humanitarian.
  • Known for humanitarian efforts and contribution through blogging and social media.
  • Featured in Living dot com documentary, (Summer 2014.)  http://livingdotcom.com


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