Living Dot Com… & Brilliant Etc Launch

Last year, when the producers of the Living Dot Com movie approached me, I was at a place where I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do next.  I had crossed the 100 million readers mark with my health blog, and had been traveling the world, enjoying life to the fullest for several years.  Life was great… but something was missing.  I no longer felt fulfilled and had lost that passion for my “work” (I use that word lightly), which I really missed.

My Interview with Biz Women Rock

I was honored to be asked for an interview by the brilliant Katie Krimitsos, founder of the “Biz Women Rock” podcast that has been rocking the “top podcast downloads” list on iTunes. For those of you who would like a few tips and the pleasure of Katie’s sense of humor, here’s where you can get my recent interview and subscribe to Katie’s inspiring new podcast:

Jeni Larson Hott on Biz Women Rock

How to Think Like a Successful Blogger


I started blogging in 2005, when my first goal was to make $33 a day.  It took me over 2 years to become a 6 figure blogger and when I hit that mark, my next goal was to hit 6 figures a month and go on a hiatus.  About 3 years ago, I was coming up on that goal and I decided I had earned my hiatus- I did what many of you have told me you would do;  I went on an extended vacation!  I gave myself a year to travel the world, spend whatever I wanted, and do whatever I wanted.  I have photos of me riding a camel next to Harry Dent in Egypt, watching the Australian Grand Prix from the garage of the Pramac team, and lunching on the Nile in a falluca (how do you spell falluca? why doesn’t WordPress have spell check yet?) courtesy of Tony Robbins.  I took private jets, private helicopters and limousines.  I drank warm wine in Dubai, shopped in London, and spent a month on Tony’s island in Fiji before touring Australia… and then I rented a summer castle on the coast of California.  That one year hiatus, turned into 3, and it has been the most amazing time of my life… and the most eye-opening, with insights as to why I was able to work for such a short spell, and automate a system that has made me millions while I continued to travel the world.

Fun with webinars and Advertiser360

I just completed a webinar interview with the founder of Advertiser 360, Peter Nguyen.  Peter also happens to be a good friend and one of the most solidly brilliant internet entrepreneurs I have ever known.  You thought I was brilliant? Meet Peter Nguyen- the man who can turn anything into a mathematical formula (and understand it), the man who has watched every documentary on Netflix, the man who will undoubtedly appear as a tight-lipped, hard working scientist in Despicable Me 2.  No wonder the ivy league is teaching his course in the classrooms, right?

11-11-11, Starting a New Blog

It’s time for a new chapter in my blogging life.  Most of you know me from Real Blogging Tips, or RBT, where I shared a number of my more advanced blogging strategies on making money with a blog- strategies that have helped me to earn millions of dollars blogging.  Most of these posts were in direct response to questions and inquiries from friends and entrepreneurs wanting to know specifics on how to blog.  Well, those questions are growing- my inbox is full of thousands of “Please help me learn how to blog!” emails from friends and strangers and I have realized it’s time to share more of what I have learned about blogging- not just on making money with a blog but also on blogger leadership, blogging ethics and etiquette, gratitude blogging (I’m inventing this one) and so much more from my own perspectives on blogging.  Blogging isn’t just about writing for money- it’s a lifestyle… and it’s a great one!

What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology, also known as nanotech, refers to a field of science involving the control of matter on an molecular and atomic scale.  While nanotechnology is considered a diverse and multidisciplinary field of science, much of the newer approaches to physics including molecular self assembly, developing new materials nanoscale dimensions.  Nanotechnology brings discussion on whether or not scientists can directly control matter on the atomic scale.

How To Raise Your Alexa Ranking (in a cool way)

Yet another little “deviant” tatic from Mitch today. In my time as a blogger and innovative Internet Entrepreneur I have found a number of different ways to do things. Now for those of you who don’t know what an Alexa ranking is, an Alexa ranking is a global ranking system which keeps track of all the top websites in the world. For instance Google has an Alexa ranking of, yes you guess it, 1. Facebook has an alexa rank of 2 and YouTube has an Alexa ranking of 3. The highest I have been able to get one of my websites on the Alexa ranking system is around 70,000 globally and that’s another thing. Alexa has both, global and local ranks which you can rank for.

[SEO] First Page Google Rankings – Fact Or Fiction???

I have had many people ask me this and it’s only up until about 12 months ago that I totally smashed this preconception: “Getting your website on the first page of Google is IMPOSSIBLE!”

The funny thing about this is, I was able to get first page rankings for hundreds of keywords, targeting hundreds of different niches, all by accident. You a probably thinking “yeah right Mitch….” but I’m 100% serious here. And the coolest thing about this is you get can first page organic listings for almost any keyword while having a bunch of fun.

Blogging & Procrastination – How To Stop Procrastinating & Start Your Blog Or Take Your Blog To The Next Level.

Im going to be talking today about Procrastination & blogging. Its quite funny really how I decided to write this blog post, because I have procrastinated for about 3-5 days to write this actual post. So I figured what better to write, than to write how to get over it. But before I start diving into it, I should be polite and introduce myself and my writing style. I am lazy, I tend to not edit my articles and quite often have have many spelling and gramatically errors. The reason being, is that I believe in the message not the mechanisium. My writing style is that of what I think, I write so if you have trouble following it, don’t fret, it will all make sense in the end. :)